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Randomness and Daily LOLs February 25, 2012

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today I heard my son say “Jovie, you are looking a hot mess! ” and “come at me bro!” and also my personal favorite of the day “Dad, can I watch the new Poots and Boots movie tonight?” Although he has his hand in my crazy mommy eye twitch, that child sure does make me laugh!

reason # 13 why my daughter is frigging awesome – she eats all the grody things out of the chex mix and leaves me with all the good stuff. Jealous!? lol!

that pretty sweet moment when you post something to pinterest and lots of people repin or like it…..*smirk* lol


Random things February 23, 2012

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Randomness for the day


– My son has a field trip next week. No, not to the zoo or a museum. We are going to Firehouse Subs… 9 something in the morning. Yes, I am as confused as you are about this; I honestly have NO clue what the purpose of this trip is lol. …..& btw…. Where was this field trip when I was in school!?????

– My husband and I had NO idea that last week on our trip to the mall that we would happen to purchase the fifth member of our household in the Disney store. This broad is taking over. Her name is Minnie and she has to go EVERYWHERE we go. She has to have juice and sit in chairs and car seats. If we eat, she has to eat.She even goes to school, ya know, ’cause a mouse needs an education too! If Minnie decides to stay home, you can be sure that if you didn’t suffer from migraines that after my daughter’s endless screaming sessions you surely will. It is adorable, just crazy lol.

– I think there may be some people out there that pay a lot of money to get their hair to look like Jovie’s bed head.

– I heard on the radio that somewhere some girl is in critical condition after getting some sort of breast implants done at a place called Diva Salon and Spa……..*sighs* I just don’t even know where to begin…… I won’t. lol

– I have been informed that Minnie’s untouched poptart was ‘sooooo goooot’………

– Meanwhile, I just opened my window next to the computer to get some fresh air……& one of my dogs chose this exact moment to walk right up and take a crap right outside my window. I wouldn’t find it so rude if she hadn’t glanced back at me afterward. I knew you saw me dog!! Thank you for that. See if you get a pupperoni thingy later!! *closes window*


Who does she think she is!?!?! February 21, 2012

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Ok, so I almost feel bad for being so angry – but once you hear this I think you may have my back.

So today, I pick my son up from school like I do every Tuesday. We do the whole “how was your day?” & “you were good today, right?” thing and he usually replies with “oh nothing” & “it was good. So & So cried or did this and then I said this and then I laughed” or sometimes I just get a ‘fine’ and this look of exhaust and hunger. Today, what he said troubled me. It angered me. It made me wonder what kind of person would say such things to a child! Here, let me share!

Kameron – “Mom, we were playing and the teacher said you can only eat carrots and things that are good for your body.”

Me – “That’s right bubba, you should eat foods that are good for your body. So you have to eat your veggies from now on so you grow up big and strong.” ** At this point I am super happy because now I have someone else telling him he has to eat veggies. I have back-up. SWEEEEEET! Here’s where things changed.

Kameron – “Yeah. We can’t eat the bad things……..Chocolate cake is bad. We can’t eat that ever again.”

GASP.  WHAAA?? Buuu Buuut…..whhhhyyy?

He looked at me, slightly puzzled, probably because the look on my face was more than likely crazed.

So here is how this is good. I am so glad that he is learning about healthy things. We as a family are making it a point to make better, healthier choices. This I have no problem with.

…………….But who in the heck tells a child that they shouldn’t ever eat cake!!????? What am I supposed to put candles in on the next birthday we have – a veggie tray!?? I don’t think so Tim. Moderation should be the next lesson they learn- a small piece of cake is fine if you eat all your veggies!! This is the message I would rather him here than at five years old my kid saying he will never eat chocolate cake again. It’s just sad.

I just don’t understand why it had to be chocolate cake. Oh and doughnuts. He said he can’t have those anymore either. *sighs*

I am not REALLY mad. I just don’t get why it had to be chocolate cake. What did it ever to do you lady?!?

FYI, I am super proud of my son for making healthy choices on his own, I hope it sticks!

However, he did rationalize eating the little crunch bar in his lunchable just now………


Daily LOLs

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You can’t fake this part February 16, 2012

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I was going to post something funny, but this week has been particularly emotional for me.

I have never felt so heartbroken over a news story the way I have been over this one.

The Casey Anthony case made me furious and sad, but because this case is one that involves someone I know, my hometown, two innocent babies, and a friend’s child – it has consumed my thoughts. I am not going to sit here and write out all the awful things I feel about those 2 individuals, which – TRUST ME – I could fill a few blogs up with that. Instead, I am going to write about something else.

There is this moment, that EVERYONE tells you about. It is borderline corny, sometimes  annoying, and the look on a person’s face when they tell you is slightly creepy.

“When you see that baby’s face, oh you will just know. When you hold that baby for the first time, you will feel love you didn’t know you could.”  Oh yeah, all you parents out there know EXACTLY what I am talking about and are more than likely guilty of passing on that there nugget of info to some soon to be parents. I know I am! lol!

Here’s the thing, that moment is very much real, only there are no words that come close to matching what happens to you (not even what I am writing right now!!) I did not get to hold my son right away, in fact, I had to wait quite a few hours before holding him for the first time & my daughter- over 24 hours. I remember them bringing my son into the room and thinkin *omg that’s my baby!!* and AWWW!!! Then they picked him up and the moment almost seemed to go in slow motion as they placed him in my arms. It’s not even so much a moment as it is this switch that just goes off. Like a gravitational pull that shifts the balance of your entire being in just one second. Suddenly, you don’t really need anyone to tell you how to do anything when it comes to your baby. You already seem to know what your baby needs. You feel the same only completely different all at once. You are now and forever a mother/father. No one teaches you to be a parent when it comes to loving your child- this is the moment where that love truly begins. This tiny, itty bitty person looks at you like you are their entire world – because you are. There is nothing you won’t do for them; there is nothing you wouldn’t give them. I would give my life for my kids. It really is a love that no one can explain to you until it happens to you. I adore my children. My life is no longer all about me, and when that switch flips- it all makes sense. Sure, you will be tired & they will have you down right exhausted & frustrated at times, but they are your children. There is no option but to love them and care for them, at least that’s how I feel.

Anyone who has ever felt this before would NEVER do what those people did. I think its part of why it is so hard to hear about anyone harming a child. You don’t even have to have kids or even like them to know that they all should be loved and protected by someone. I am not only praying for the children in this story, but all children who have ever been in this type of situation & for those who have lost their lives living it.


L is for the way you look at meeeeeee February 14, 2012

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ahhhhh Valentine’s Day. I remember 10 years ago (omg yeah my eyes just bugged out of my head for a minute there) my biggest concern of the day was hoping someone was sending me one of those carnation gram things at school. Sadly, I never did get any of those, but now I have something to truly look forward to each February, well- you know, besides the clearance chocolate…lol…You see, I love love. I love love songs. I love romantic gestures, pretty flowers, and anything from the heart. I see a lot of people who aren’t in relationships talking down about Valentine’s Day. Well, I spent many of them alone before I met my wonderful husband, so I get it. However, there are so many more reasons to celebrate today than just a boy/girlfriend or husband/wife. Today I  not only get to celebrate my love for my husband, but also for my kids, my family, and my friends! And let’s face it- we ALL need to hear that we are loved by someone, even if its not *smoochy smoochy* love. So buy yourself some chocolate, call up your mama, and watch a funny movie- today is about love in all its forms- no need to be a grump on a day where there are pink hearts everywhere!!!

So to my husband: I love you more than you know! You are my best friend and I am so blessed to have you ❤    *you and me* xoxox

My kids- Mama loves y’all more than the world allows! You may turn my hair gray sooner than later, but you are the best kids in the world and I lub lub lub you both!!!

My family – immediate and extended and by marriage – You are all wonderful and I am so blessed to be able to call you family! I love every one of you guys 🙂 Wish I was closer to so many of you, so until I can see you all again ***BIG INTERNET HUG***

My friends – You guys know y’all are amazing and I heart each one of ya! *hugs* Thank you guys for being there for me and calling me a friend 🙂

Happy Love day y’all!!


Daily LOLs

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