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Daily LOLs + this and that! April 15, 2012

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I have spent the last 2 weeks getting ready to do a craft fair and now that my crafting gogles are off – my house is making me cry! Holy moly there is so much to do!!

Spring break is supposed to be this relaxing time away from school that I used to look forward to every year. Now that my kids are the ones on spring break…… I am ready to get my kids dressed, put their book bags on and sit them by the door until Monday morning comes! I have never watched so much nick jr. in my life! I hear things like “momma, we are just making human bridges!” & “OWWW, its ok mom, I just got my eye stabbed out” & “*jovie SCREAMING* BUBBA!!! I bEEt Yo ButT!! Yor baD BOy!” every 5 minutes.   *MY KIDS ARE DRIVING ME NUTS AND DESTROYING MY HOUSE* Come on Monday! lol!

American Reunion made me feel SO OLD.

Apparently you can get horrible sunburn in April. Who knew!? Well I surely do now! *glares at bra* Uh-uh! No way jose. That thing can just sit there all day! lol!