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this week in lindsay land….. March 17, 2012

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(Sidenote, or rather before the blog note- I wrote part of this yesterday and the day before- lol so please don’t think I am crazy!)


How is everyone one this fine 80 some degree Tantrum Thursday!??? I am going to assume that it is the sudden heat that has gone to Jovie’s tiny 2-year-old brain and thus caused it to cross some wires because I cannot handle another day like today! Every 5 minutes my eye would start twitching as her howling, twirling, stomping, pointing, arm throwing, screaming, crying fits started up. My eye is still twitching, but at least I know that in an hour, she will be in bed! lol!


I was coming up with a recipe for a cross between almond joys and mounds in a cup form and I was trying to come up with a name for it. Almondy coconut cups, AJM cups, cocoalmond dark choco cups,  and lastly mounds of joy cups…….and then I almost died laughing at just how inappropriate that last one was. People stared while I continued to randomly laugh at myself….and by people I mean my kids. lololol Still working on both the recipe and the name…..


I have started a new Facebook page just for my cute little accessories! If you haven’t checked it out, please do!!  of course named after my beautiful little inspiration!!



I have a quicky recipe for you all! Super simple cheaters restaurant version of Strawberry Lemonade! First you need these to things:

+ a cup + ice + something to stir. If you are like my hubby and I- we do not drink often so this strawberry mix stuff just sits around for ever!  LOL. I personally do not love this sparkling lemonade from walmart on its own- however – it is perfect in this quick recipe! Bonus- completely calorie free, so the only calories you will get will depend on how much of the strawberry stuff you add. I add a little more than a cap full ( I like mine sweet lol )

…TADAAAAA!!!  This was about 1/2-3/4 a cup of lemonade with almost 2 cap fulls of strawberry stuff. This is stuff is a yummy change-up from soda, regular pink lemonade, tea, etc…..with the bonus of not having to cut up any strawberries. Yummy bubbly lemonade with a real strawberry taste + less work for mommy = BOOYAH.






Also, I am thrilled to share that one of my recipes on received a wonderful review! I actually shed a tear over the review lol, it was just awesome to hear that it turned out great in someone else’s kitchen. Although when I posted the recipe, some of my words were changed up by the website folks, so I just want to clarify that using the hot version of sausage is our personal family favorite! but – you can of course use any kind you want!   if you feel like indulging on some breakfast – definitely check this out 🙂


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