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A little of this and a little of that March 6, 2012

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dear mister sunshine – please please please come out and stay a while!!!……and dry up all the mud in my backyard! I am sooooo very tired of my dogs having it look like a ladies mud wresting event went on back there.

Sleep studies are designed to make it almost impossible to sleep…..I am dead serious. First goop me up, attach 2349038984585 cords to me that all attach to a metal/plastic box that’s supposed to lay beside me with all of 5 inches of extra cord, give me one pillow and a sheet of paper blanket and tell me to stay on my back all night……….. and then expect to get a good idea of how I sleep at night………have you ever seen black swan? or any ballet or ballet movie for that matter? I sleep stretched out like I am performing swan lake on my stomach in my bed, not like dracula……sleep study yeah right!!*pppsssssshhhhhhhhhh*

I got my fingernails done for the first time in years this weekend. They are super purdyfuls! However, I have come to the conclusion that they have reverted me back to age 5……I can’t open shhhhnuffin!!!!! I have to ask for help with everything now! Cans, drawers, doors, containers of any kind,can’t pump gas, and picking up those little jewels while making crafts….well thats just impossible. I realize now that I have been condemned to a life of 11-year-old boy finger nails….and I think I am ok with that lol.

My two-year old is talking so much more these days its scary! My son never did the whole parrot thing as badly as my daughter is. The other day I did something like take a toy and all I hear is her say “well dambit.” ……….Dear Lord, You and I both know what she was really saying…..pahlease make her forget that word before she goes to school………cause that one is a BMA x’s 100……….

I should be ashamed but instead I find myself kind of proud that whenever I say ”I’m sexy and I know it…” my son-without hesitation answers with “yeahhhhhh I WORK OUT.” lol and then jovie chimes in and shakes her butt. LOL **** If you don’t know anything else about my family- know that we are a music filled bunch and that my both of my kids can sing more songs than some adults I know. And why yes, I am very proud of that lol!

What’s that?!? No, of course not! Those were definatly NOT tears in my eyes during the Lorax…………………………………


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