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It is a love love kinda hate relationship March 1, 2012

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So my desktop computer is seriously under the weather at the moment and I have been trying to revive it. While taking a slight break from the internet I made time for other things like babies with the stomach flu, angry birds, and my secret love child. Ok it’s not technically a love child, or a child at all, but it might as well be!! I stay up late for it, I lose lots of sleep over it, it’s always on my mind, I yell at it when it makes me angry, cry when it makes me sad, it is always begging for my attention, even making me forget to eat some days! This my friends is the Hunger Games trilogy. I will try not to give anything away, but be careful reading on if you are still reading it or want to read it. I finally finished them today and let me just say ‘amazing!!!’, yet I cannot help but be angry with the ending!!! I hope that I am not alone in this, but I really feel like the author kind of crapped out on the love story by the end. Now, I appreciate that the book is SOOOO much more than that, but as a hopeless romantic- it was disappointing to embrace this sweet character she created in Peeta and just watch it disappear and then she really never recovers it (enough for me that is). There wasn’t even a bit of closer with half of the characters! I guess the ending just seemed to slump off the details that I really thought we would get after the first 2 books. Seriously, didn’t you expect her to have some sort of revelation that she was in fact in love with him and not Gale? I surely expected something like that. I know she touched on it all, but the touches just make me wish she had done more!  For the first time, I think that I am actually rooting for hollywood to add a little flair to the movies- at least the last one. You don’t build up a book series on the back of a super romantic guy that will do anything for this girl, and then *insert blowing a raspberry* basically watch it become the piece of wallpaper peeling off in the corner- and by that I mean feeling slightly incomplete and it will always bother you lol. Now yes, I read the epilogue and it did make me happy, but it felt like she had to put that there because of the lack of a better ending.

Sorry you guys had to listen to that, and I probably just embarrassed myself by showing just how into a book I can get, but it had to be said! lol


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