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this week in lindsay land….. March 17, 2012

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(Sidenote, or rather before the blog note- I wrote part of this yesterday and the day before- lol so please don’t think I am crazy!)


How is everyone one this fine 80 some degree Tantrum Thursday!??? I am going to assume that it is the sudden heat that has gone to Jovie’s tiny 2-year-old brain and thus caused it to cross some wires because I cannot handle another day like today! Every 5 minutes my eye would start twitching as her howling, twirling, stomping, pointing, arm throwing, screaming, crying fits started up. My eye is still twitching, but at least I know that in an hour, she will be in bed! lol!


I was coming up with a recipe for a cross between almond joys and mounds in a cup form and I was trying to come up with a name for it. Almondy coconut cups, AJM cups, cocoalmond dark choco cups,  and lastly mounds of joy cups…….and then I almost died laughing at just how inappropriate that last one was. People stared while I continued to randomly laugh at myself….and by people I mean my kids. lololol Still working on both the recipe and the name…..


I have started a new Facebook page just for my cute little accessories! If you haven’t checked it out, please do!!  of course named after my beautiful little inspiration!!



I have a quicky recipe for you all! Super simple cheaters restaurant version of Strawberry Lemonade! First you need these to things:

+ a cup + ice + something to stir. If you are like my hubby and I- we do not drink often so this strawberry mix stuff just sits around for ever!  LOL. I personally do not love this sparkling lemonade from walmart on its own- however – it is perfect in this quick recipe! Bonus- completely calorie free, so the only calories you will get will depend on how much of the strawberry stuff you add. I add a little more than a cap full ( I like mine sweet lol )

…TADAAAAA!!!  This was about 1/2-3/4 a cup of lemonade with almost 2 cap fulls of strawberry stuff. This is stuff is a yummy change-up from soda, regular pink lemonade, tea, etc…..with the bonus of not having to cut up any strawberries. Yummy bubbly lemonade with a real strawberry taste + less work for mommy = BOOYAH.






Also, I am thrilled to share that one of my recipes on received a wonderful review! I actually shed a tear over the review lol, it was just awesome to hear that it turned out great in someone else’s kitchen. Although when I posted the recipe, some of my words were changed up by the website folks, so I just want to clarify that using the hot version of sausage is our personal family favorite! but – you can of course use any kind you want!   if you feel like indulging on some breakfast – definitely check this out 🙂


Daily LOLs March 13, 2012

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A little of this and a little of that March 6, 2012

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dear mister sunshine – please please please come out and stay a while!!!……and dry up all the mud in my backyard! I am sooooo very tired of my dogs having it look like a ladies mud wresting event went on back there.

Sleep studies are designed to make it almost impossible to sleep…..I am dead serious. First goop me up, attach 2349038984585 cords to me that all attach to a metal/plastic box that’s supposed to lay beside me with all of 5 inches of extra cord, give me one pillow and a sheet of paper blanket and tell me to stay on my back all night……….. and then expect to get a good idea of how I sleep at night………have you ever seen black swan? or any ballet or ballet movie for that matter? I sleep stretched out like I am performing swan lake on my stomach in my bed, not like dracula……sleep study yeah right!!*pppsssssshhhhhhhhhh*

I got my fingernails done for the first time in years this weekend. They are super purdyfuls! However, I have come to the conclusion that they have reverted me back to age 5……I can’t open shhhhnuffin!!!!! I have to ask for help with everything now! Cans, drawers, doors, containers of any kind,can’t pump gas, and picking up those little jewels while making crafts….well thats just impossible. I realize now that I have been condemned to a life of 11-year-old boy finger nails….and I think I am ok with that lol.

My two-year old is talking so much more these days its scary! My son never did the whole parrot thing as badly as my daughter is. The other day I did something like take a toy and all I hear is her say “well dambit.” ……….Dear Lord, You and I both know what she was really saying…..pahlease make her forget that word before she goes to school………cause that one is a BMA x’s 100……….

I should be ashamed but instead I find myself kind of proud that whenever I say ”I’m sexy and I know it…” my son-without hesitation answers with “yeahhhhhh I WORK OUT.” lol and then jovie chimes in and shakes her butt. LOL **** If you don’t know anything else about my family- know that we are a music filled bunch and that my both of my kids can sing more songs than some adults I know. And why yes, I am very proud of that lol!

What’s that?!? No, of course not! Those were definatly NOT tears in my eyes during the Lorax…………………………………


It is a love love kinda hate relationship March 1, 2012

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So my desktop computer is seriously under the weather at the moment and I have been trying to revive it. While taking a slight break from the internet I made time for other things like babies with the stomach flu, angry birds, and my secret love child. Ok it’s not technically a love child, or a child at all, but it might as well be!! I stay up late for it, I lose lots of sleep over it, it’s always on my mind, I yell at it when it makes me angry, cry when it makes me sad, it is always begging for my attention, even making me forget to eat some days! This my friends is the Hunger Games trilogy. I will try not to give anything away, but be careful reading on if you are still reading it or want to read it. I finally finished them today and let me just say ‘amazing!!!’, yet I cannot help but be angry with the ending!!! I hope that I am not alone in this, but I really feel like the author kind of crapped out on the love story by the end. Now, I appreciate that the book is SOOOO much more than that, but as a hopeless romantic- it was disappointing to embrace this sweet character she created in Peeta and just watch it disappear and then she really never recovers it (enough for me that is). There wasn’t even a bit of closer with half of the characters! I guess the ending just seemed to slump off the details that I really thought we would get after the first 2 books. Seriously, didn’t you expect her to have some sort of revelation that she was in fact in love with him and not Gale? I surely expected something like that. I know she touched on it all, but the touches just make me wish she had done more!  For the first time, I think that I am actually rooting for hollywood to add a little flair to the movies- at least the last one. You don’t build up a book series on the back of a super romantic guy that will do anything for this girl, and then *insert blowing a raspberry* basically watch it become the piece of wallpaper peeling off in the corner- and by that I mean feeling slightly incomplete and it will always bother you lol. Now yes, I read the epilogue and it did make me happy, but it felt like she had to put that there because of the lack of a better ending.

Sorry you guys had to listen to that, and I probably just embarrassed myself by showing just how into a book I can get, but it had to be said! lol