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I may or may not have kinda already earned a BMA today…… February 25, 2012

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And no, I don’t mean a british music award, I am no Adele lol.

I have this saying when I do something questionable as a mother. I am sure we all have moments as moms where we stop and go, that was probably a bad idea…..atleast I know I have lots of those moments. When those moments happen, I give myself a BMA= bad mom award. Now, I know I am a good mom, but lately I am having a LOT of those BMA moments. Gummy snacks for breakfast when we are in a rush or to avoid a 2-year-old meltdown = bad mom award. Telling my son that I will throw the Wii in the road if he cries to play it again = bad mom award. I constantly ask both of them if they are on crack when they do something crazy, to which they both say yes = bad mom award. I taught my daughter that her private part is called a whoo-haa = bma. Occasionally I am THAT mom in walmart with the screaming 2-year-old just walking around with a glazed over look because nothing I say will shut her up = possible bma. I teach my kids words like ‘hillbilly’ ,’turd nugget’ , and “weiney head.” = BMA fo’ sho’. Sometimes I have NO idea what either of my kids are saying/talking about and instead of asking them 5 times what they are talking about, I will simply go “WHA??? That is SOOOOO Awesome!!” – not sure if that’s bma worthy, but sometimes it feels like it lol. I tell them things like ‘Oh well the ice cream store is closed’ or “you are allergic to the stuff in my dessert”, oh & ‘the bounce house had to send all the bouncy things to Santa to be repaired.” = yeah I know…..BMA. And lastly I am not proud of this at all, but occasionally when they are crying or screaming and I have just had enough, sometimes I fake/cry and scream right back at them….(they almost always laugh but still lol)…most certianly BMA.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I have a long way to go before I really consider myself a bad mom. I love my kiddos! It’s just, sometimes those little weiney heads make me feel like I’m on crack!!! lol 🙂


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