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Random things February 23, 2012

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Randomness for the day


– My son has a field trip next week. No, not to the zoo or a museum. We are going to Firehouse Subs… 9 something in the morning. Yes, I am as confused as you are about this; I honestly have NO clue what the purpose of this trip is lol. …..& btw…. Where was this field trip when I was in school!?????

– My husband and I had NO idea that last week on our trip to the mall that we would happen to purchase the fifth member of our household in the Disney store. This broad is taking over. Her name is Minnie and she has to go EVERYWHERE we go. She has to have juice and sit in chairs and car seats. If we eat, she has to eat.She even goes to school, ya know, ’cause a mouse needs an education too! If Minnie decides to stay home, you can be sure that if you didn’t suffer from migraines that after my daughter’s endless screaming sessions you surely will. It is adorable, just crazy lol.

– I think there may be some people out there that pay a lot of money to get their hair to look like Jovie’s bed head.

– I heard on the radio that somewhere some girl is in critical condition after getting some sort of breast implants done at a place called Diva Salon and Spa……..*sighs* I just don’t even know where to begin…… I won’t. lol

– I have been informed that Minnie’s untouched poptart was ‘sooooo goooot’………

– Meanwhile, I just opened my window next to the computer to get some fresh air……& one of my dogs chose this exact moment to walk right up and take a crap right outside my window. I wouldn’t find it so rude if she hadn’t glanced back at me afterward. I knew you saw me dog!! Thank you for that. See if you get a pupperoni thingy later!! *closes window*


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