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Who does she think she is!?!?! February 21, 2012

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Ok, so I almost feel bad for being so angry – but once you hear this I think you may have my back.

So today, I pick my son up from school like I do every Tuesday. We do the whole “how was your day?” & “you were good today, right?” thing and he usually replies with “oh nothing” & “it was good. So & So cried or did this and then I said this and then I laughed” or sometimes I just get a ‘fine’ and this look of exhaust and hunger. Today, what he said troubled me. It angered me. It made me wonder what kind of person would say such things to a child! Here, let me share!

Kameron – “Mom, we were playing and the teacher said you can only eat carrots and things that are good for your body.”

Me – “That’s right bubba, you should eat foods that are good for your body. So you have to eat your veggies from now on so you grow up big and strong.” ** At this point I am super happy because now I have someone else telling him he has to eat veggies. I have back-up. SWEEEEEET! Here’s where things changed.

Kameron – “Yeah. We can’t eat the bad things……..Chocolate cake is bad. We can’t eat that ever again.”

GASP.  WHAAA?? Buuu Buuut…..whhhhyyy?

He looked at me, slightly puzzled, probably because the look on my face was more than likely crazed.

So here is how this is good. I am so glad that he is learning about healthy things. We as a family are making it a point to make better, healthier choices. This I have no problem with.

…………….But who in the heck tells a child that they shouldn’t ever eat cake!!????? What am I supposed to put candles in on the next birthday we have – a veggie tray!?? I don’t think so Tim. Moderation should be the next lesson they learn- a small piece of cake is fine if you eat all your veggies!! This is the message I would rather him here than at five years old my kid saying he will never eat chocolate cake again. It’s just sad.

I just don’t understand why it had to be chocolate cake. Oh and doughnuts. He said he can’t have those anymore either. *sighs*

I am not REALLY mad. I just don’t get why it had to be chocolate cake. What did it ever to do you lady?!?

FYI, I am super proud of my son for making healthy choices on his own, I hope it sticks!

However, he did rationalize eating the little crunch bar in his lunchable just now………


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