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Still super, just without the cool cape February 11, 2012

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So it has been a long week.

I mean I have thought it was Thursday when it was only Tuesday kinda thing.

Lots and lots going on means this mama feels the need to do a million things at one time. Normal, well duh! but still, stressful none the less! I think it finally hit me this week that there is a certain limit to the super mom thing before you blow the lid off. Sometimes, you just have to ask for help. And by asking for help, I really do mean doing the whole “honey, can you please do this for me?” thing, because I figured out that because I normally take on 6 things at one time, the Mr. is just used to me not needing his help.

VOCALIZE people!

Like for instance, this person I know, who shall remain nameless, was washing her kids in the shower while also getting pajamas laid out, uniform for the husband laid out, washing a load of laundry, and other little things all at one time. While doing this, she noticed some toothpaste and yuck stuck in her sink. Well, I will just plug it up, run some hot water, let it sit for a few, and that should do the trick till I can clean it another day. Back to laundry, finding medicine, I hear Kameron hollering. Ok, it was totally me. I can’t lie. So I holler back I will be right there. One minute later I stroll back into the bathroom and behold- I had flooded my bathroom. You read that right folks, FLOODED MY BATHROOM. *insert hysterical breakdown* Not even slightly wet, I am talking a good couple inches of water. It was AWFUL!!! This broke my super mom feeling down to rubble. There it was, in all is sopping wet glory, proof that I cannot do it all. I think I needed that kick in the butt though- to just admit to myself that I need to slow down sometimes and go hey- I really don’t have super powers, can you grab them some jammies? from time to time. Luckily, my Mr. came to my rescue and cleaned up our wadding pool of a bathroom while I tried to compose myself lol.

So yeah, it has been a pretty long week & we are most definitely not looking into an indoor pool at any point in the foreseeable future.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I have a couple posts coming up soon with some more LOL’s, how to and my opinion on some nail fashion :), and possibly some recipes. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see!


One Response to “Still super, just without the cool cape”

  1. Susan Dunkailo Says:

    It’s great to try to be Super Woman, but that’s not real. I know you know that. I’m so proud of how you take each day as it presents itself, and work within the Lindsay Loves framework. I also love your blog, and I read it knowing it’s a way I can honor you and your Super Woman ways. Love you!

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