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Today, I hate candles February 7, 2012

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Todays’ forecast was foggy. No, not the outside kind of foggy. I’m talking about the kind that happens after you smack the snooze a few times and once you finally realize that you have to get yourself out of bed and you go to open your eyes and for a split second you think you’ve gone half blind  –  yeah, one of *those* special Monday mornings. Of course I blame the rest of the morning events on said fogginess because technically I can’t help but do stupid things when I qualify as semi-disabled. (what non-morning person isn’t semi-disabled after waking up though??) Needless to say I was rushing to get my kiddos out the door for school, and I clumsily knocked over my candle warmer that I did not know was on and completely full…..*insert look or sheer horror*….. and although I caught it mid-air…. like some kind of ninja!- my ninja reflexes were no match for the huge jar of melted wax. It looked like a candle threw up all over my window/blinds/wall/floor. Soon the fog was washed away with tears. Tears of madness…..who the FLIP is gonna clean this up??? You is gonna clean that crap up is obviously what I said to myself. I talk to myself a lot so don’t judge me!

Four*4*Quatro*2+2*2×2*2 squared* hours of my life spent scraping/melting/wiping/ and repeating just to get most of that candle up. Four hours that I will never get back because of that wonderful smelling thing that I will now refer to as that there thing that rhymes with bash terd. *sighs*

If this happens to you, know that I share that pain with you, also know that your hairdryer will become your best friend. Works like a charm!



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